There’s a time for everything

When I was thinking about leaving and closing this blog here I am, instead. I also made some changes and now it looks another blog, definitely. In these cloudy days I just keep listening Muse’s songs, and thinking about the concert that I missed. Aww, I was in Padua doing an exam at the same hour (the world is unright). I promise: I will have the ticket for the next one, for sure. Maybe I should write something more intresting and meaningful, but here the days pass slowly and it’s all so quiet. I have the all summer free for me, and I’m going to spend my time as good as possibile. Of course I’ll plan my holidays (and this is not simple as it seems), but then I’m going to make my self useful helping people with psychiatric disease (or, I hope so, seeing that also charity work has become more severe than a normal job). For the rest I think that i’ll just going around from city to city. I can’t wait to go to Milan at the end of June ( I hope). There should be also the sales, and I definitely think that all the money which I saved will be gone the same day. mh, yes. Staying and studying there would be my economic ruin, ahah. As I wrote in the title, this is time for dresses. There’s a time for shoes, a time for bags, a time for accessorises and so on. The weather has been such awful since a lot of time, too much I have to say. Seeing the sun and the blue sky is a valid cause to let the jeans inside the wardrobe, so I’m constantly wearing skirts, dresses and sandals.

Dress: Stratovarius     Sandals: Sisley

Dresses: Zara Basic

Apart these dresses am I the only one who thinks that these sandals of H&M Fashion against Aids are pure art? They’re gonna be my summer sandals, for sure. tey’re fabulous. What else to say, see you soon and have a good summer. xxx



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C’est la vie.

Here are some of my photos. I think this is the best way to begin.

“Lazzari” in Trevsio is like a big museum, full of the most beautiful things, clothes, and drawings ever. There’s this garden where you can go also without entering in the shop. It seems you’ve just come out in wondeland ahah.

H&M’s wall in Milano are sooo cool. *__* ( all the atmpshpere in those shops makes you buy everything everytime.)

View of  the famous “Caffè Pedrocchi” od Padua. made in the second floor of “the break”, where I’m used to do almost 2 of my dinners every week. lol

Picture form my last weekend where I spent a really good time watching animals never seen before. (lots of surprise). I like the effect of the photo, just to know all came out casually. 😀

Curtains of The university of Padua can make you have effects like these in the photos. this is natural, there’s modification with pc.

The colours of the sky were so beautiful that day that the place where I live seemed even prettier then the same like always.

Hoping that better times can come, I’m kinda busy with all these exams, the thought of having all the summer free is making me believe and go on through the days. I’ll come back soon.

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First day I am here.

come back soon.*

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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