And finally they arrive.

Ohh, I was waiting for them for so long. And it’s a nice pleasure when the postman rings the bell of your door waking up you, maybe one of the best ways you can wake up with. And you can understand how I felt, just like santa claus who’s taking gifts at christmas and the children who are anxiously waiting for them. So i run really really fast taking my big pack which contained these two little babies, whom with I’ve actually fallen in love.

Melissa Anglomania by  Vivienne Westwood.

Love Love Love.

As you know I went to berlin last week and there’s no need to say it was absolutely amazing.God, all of those glass elevators  next to decadent buildings  full of stencils and paints were a wonder.All the landscapes were perfect for taking pictures And i promise I will reserve the next post for them, showing also what I bought, thing that i can’t wait to do.

In the meantime i just cheked out the old photos in my camera and I found these ones, so i just want to share them with you.


Dress: Zara TRF boots: H&M Necklace and bracelets: Subdued and Coin. Satchel bag: ASOS Pochette: Bottega veneta

At the beginning of September I went in a gorgeous place in padua where for the first time was settled a Vintage Festival. All began with some scenes from the movie “The Italian Job” which emphasizes the influeces that the vintage style had in people from various countres. And then there was this heaven of awsome stuff which I have with care immortalized.

And last but non least the meme which i’m following seriously. This is just to let you know something more about me.

10 thing I love.

1-I love to shop and the feelings I have when i enter in a shop seeing all those beautiful clothes. it overwhelmes me. I just love passing from shop to shop and it really makes me feel excited. you know what i’m talking about. it just help me to feel the relisation.

2-The smell of thr printed paper when i open a book, a magazine or when i enter in a bookshop or library.

3- Sauces expecially those mexican foods full of succulenti ingredients. Really love cupcakes, nachos and snackes like that. they are a drug for me, god.

4-London and i guess that it would be the perfect city for me. The living and messy air that the london people breath would really excite me. the colours of piccadilly circus, the green of san james park. for me it’s the perfect city with the perfect places.

5-All the games you have to gestire something or someone. I like having control of the situations.

6- The 70’s and the 80’s years and the vintage stuff you can find from those times. But i love also past times, like middleages era . i like also  knowing the story of those dinastie like The Tudors for example.

7-Photography, and the ability of  immortalare things  and  expressions before they disappear.

8- Watching movies. It’s one of my first hobbies, and going to the cinema eating pop-corn with friends.

9- Seasons like spring and autumn, where you can wear almost all of your wardrobe. Maybe its hot enough to wear a dress or its not cold enough to wear light blazers and flats.

10- My friends, my boyfriend, and the most closely people to me. I don’t know what i could do without them.

Soon, the post of my awsome trip to BERLIN.

have a good weekend.



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  1. cute shoes..
    i’ve linked u too..u can follow me too if u dont mind..thx

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