Berlin wohoaa.

On Tuesday I’m gonna fly to Berlin.  And there’s no reasons to say how much I’m excited about it. I’ve always wanted to go and I’m absolutely sure that it will be amazing. The streets, the architecture, the shops. I’m gonna post the photos soon. In the mean time you maybe can check my new Tumblr. (I create it to post my own photos and updates from this blog)

And I take advantage of this post to public all the sites I actually post something.

 Love.                                                                                                  *****




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12 responses to “Berlin wohoaa.

  1. Ciao!
    Scusami ma sono stata molto impegnata in questi giorni!
    Ti auguro buon viaggio e fammi sapere com’è Berlino perchè vorrei andarci prima possibile.

  2. Abi

    That sounds exciting! I’ve only heard great things about that city and hope to visit soon.

    Have a safe trip and tonnes of fun while there!

  3. Oh my.. Marta.. You re so lucky.! Wish I could go to places like berlin.!
    Hope you have fun.!

  4. I’m sure i will. Thank you to all of you *

  5. can’t wait for your pics from berlin!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! remember you can keep in touch following me via bloglovin or facebook!
    xoxo from rome

  6. Ciao!!! grazie per il tuo commento. certo possiamo scambiare i link, ti ho aggiunta giá sulla mia blogroll. Grazie che lo fai anche tu! mi piacciono le magliette qui accanto, sopratutto einstein e l’ultima. voglio vederle realizzate! 😀 un beso

  7. sounds like such a fun trip! – great blog 🙂

    visit/follow me

  8. certo che si puó fare! 😀 fammi sapere quando hai realizzato delle magliette..beso

  9. Mi piace il tuo blog! Posso aggiungerti al mio blogroll?


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