Spending Summer time

 I’ve added some stuff on the right and I’ve also made some changes in the layout. As I wrote this is clerarly  my passion and definitely at the top of my wishlist. What do you think about the designs? Hope really to turn them into       t-shirts soon. There’s nothing much to say, I’ll make the photos speak into this post, since I have a lot of them and they represent everything I’ve done in these latest periods.

One of my best dinners in a Restaurant near Padova. In my opinion fabulous taste in Architecture, everything was sparkling there. So nice way to spend an alternative evening eating very well.

Talking about photography here’s my Diana Mini for Lomography. After a looooot of time I finally manage to develop my first roll. I was so excited to see how my photos look like. I post here some of the best.

In order: place near my house, center of padova, fields, and Treviso view of the river. Like the colours of Lomography films, and the fact that you can shoot whenever and whatever without thinking about it. can you smell that? The taste of freedom.

Then we have the latest outfits which are a must.


Tee: Zara TRF.

Jaket: H&M Divided. Shoes: Pimkie  Pochette: Zara.

Some stuff from Accessorize and Stradivarius. Love the earrings especially. ❤

And Last but not Least some photos of one of my latest Sudays, spent beautifully at the sea. I just couldn’t ignore the landscape and didn’t take pictures of it.

I have also a Polaroid now. It needs 600 film, hope to make it work. ❤ I’ll come back with a more interesting post, i promise. Have a gook weekend 🙂




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22 responses to “Spending Summer time

  1. Anche io ho una passione per le toy-cameras!!! Poi però cedo alla praticità delle digitali 😦
    Grazie per essere passata, io qua sto bene, sto lavorando un sacco! Per quanto riguarda le cappe si trovano da H&M e Zara in primis ma credo che spopoleranno anche in altri negozi e catene!

    • Guarda le Diana lomografiche vanno molto bene, poi anche io devo comunque cambiare digitale e mi sto già informando, quella ci vuole per forza.
      Cercherò per le cappe, grazie quest’anno vanno molto grazie! 🙂

  2. i have the same earrings like yours…

    wanna exchange link and follow me??

  3. You look very pretty!! I really love your hair! Those sparkly earrings are so gorgeous! xoxoxoxoxoo

  4. Hi love. I’m well. How are you? I love your accessories, especially the spike bracelet. So good to hear from you! XOXO Valerie


  5. i love your camera! and great print jacket 🙂

  6. L O V E these pics!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! see you soon on my blog (i hope you will come back :P) remember you can keep in touch with me on facebook or bloglovin.
    xoxo from rome

  7. Abi

    Beautiful photos! I love polaroids and films! Like the lady in the blue dress.
    You’ve got beautiful earrings there. Hope you had a lovely week!

  8. thank you for your comment!
    I love this post and especially the tanktop your wearing!


  9. Rai

    I love everything in your outfit!Especially your jacket, it’s so Givenchy 😉
    Great selection of photos, the retro camera is goorgeous!I would like to have one like this 🙂
    BTW thanx for adding me in your blog list, you are in my list too honey 😉



  10. i am gonna hunt that jacket down!


  11. hey thank you for visit and dropped comment in my blog..
    you have a great blog too 🙂


  12. such a gorgeous series! and i really love that spiked bracelet

  13. These are all lovely! Great Einstein quote.


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