C’est la vie.

Here are some of my photos. I think this is the best way to begin.

“Lazzari” in Trevsio is like a big museum, full of the most beautiful things, clothes, and drawings ever. There’s this garden where you can go also without entering in the shop. It seems you’ve just come out in wondeland ahah.

H&M’s wall in Milano are sooo cool. *__* ( all the atmpshpere in those shops makes you buy everything everytime.)

View of  the famous “Caffè Pedrocchi” od Padua. made in the second floor of “the break”, where I’m used to do almost 2 of my dinners every week. lol

Picture form my last weekend where I spent a really good time watching animals never seen before. (lots of surprise). I like the effect of the photo, just to know all came out casually. 😀

Curtains of The university of Padua can make you have effects like these in the photos. this is natural, there’s modification with pc.

The colours of the sky were so beautiful that day that the place where I live seemed even prettier then the same like always.

Hoping that better times can come, I’m kinda busy with all these exams, the thought of having all the summer free is making me believe and go on through the days. I’ll come back soon.


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One response to “C’est la vie.

  1. Alessandro

    le lumachine blu! ❤ cicciola che cara
    H&M no piace 😉

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